Micro Markets are the latest revelation in food convenience. Imagine a self-serve market with a variety of food choices, both healthy and comforting, in your workplace breakroom.

Now imagine a smile on your face.

Micro Markets


We think it's time to move the old vending machine out of your breakroom. The Hot Fries and Funyuns are not cutting it for your employees. Get more bang for your buck. A micro market fits in the same space and costs you nothing. A micro market is essentially a small convenience market placed in the breakroom or common area of you workplace. Employees are steps away from healthy sandwiches, wraps, salads, snacks, coffee, refreshments, and a multitude of convenience items.



The convenience of having a micro market on-site allows employees to:


1. Eat regularly to maintain the right sugar levels.

2. Maintain high levels of productivity by not leaving the workplace throughout the day.

3. Stay energized and focused with access to an incredible range of food and refreshments just steps away from your desk or work area.


Your favorite meals, snacks, and refreshments will be at your finger tips. 



Our food affects our mood. Without continuous and steady nutrition, we become irritable, tired, and even depressed. Unhealthy snacks can have a lasting effect. Without adequate nutrition, we tend to lose our step. Snacking affects our diet more than any other food category. Yet, these foods seem so small that they are often discounted. Nutritious snacks, and especially meals, are critical to boosting our productivity and engagement. We are a better "us" when eating nutritious food.



Organizations should focus on improving the lifestyle of employees so that positivity and creativity can thrive. There are many low-cost methods of showing you care. Check out our FREE E-book for some great examples!

Making nutrition readily available to your employees is like treating your valuable machinery with primo oil. Employers will get out of employees what they put in. Allow employees to create ideas like well-oiled machines.

Bringing a micro market to your workplace is a great place to start. Breakroom Bistro can help!



A positive environment will lead to dramatic benefits for employers, employees, and the bottom line. When employees feel appreciated, results for the organization have no ceiling. The largest, most successful companies in the world are investing heavily in their employees and the results speak for themselves. In order to stay competitive, small and medium-sized businesses should do the same (in ways that won't break the bank, of course).

Breakroom Bistro sees your potential and strives to provide incredible resources for improving your workplace culture... at virtually no cost.



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