The Breakroom Bistro Mission

Mission Statement - "To increase balance and productivity in the daily lives of our customers through a variety of food choices, both healthy and comforting, with incredible convenience."

We thoroughly believe in the statement, above. We believe that these objectives are what will create value for our clients (the employer) and our customers (the employee or consumer of our products). We know that our products and services will improve the overall culture at an organization. We are able to provide small and medium sized businesses with a type of service that is typically only available to big businesses. We are fired up about the advantages that we can finally bring to these businesses and are committed to adding value wherever we can. That is why we started this blog.

We started this blog because micro markets aren't the only easy, low-cost method of improving your workplace culture. We don't claim to be experts in behavioral science or the world's best managers, but we do vow to continually explore what makes your people into productive powerhouses and communicate what we learn. We want your business to be a success by getting the most from your greatest assets --- your people.

Feel free to comment and provide feedback. Let's get better together. Your feedback will be critical as we continue to create useful content for improving your workplace environment.

Imagine a smile on your face!

Idea Ninja

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